Roadhouse World Flair Finals 2011

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Roadhouse World Flair Finals… the last weekend of November each year is a special time for Bartending Worldwide! This is what Bartenders all across the Globe have been waiting for it so impatiently! Everyone knows that we are going to see the biggest Flair Bartending Stars and the Biggest Moves of the year…

Outside View…

The Stage

After the eliminations on Saturday 26.11.2011 the Final’s startup was looking extremely exciting! A Huge Crowd gathered in Roadhouse on Sunday the 27.11.2011, just minutes after 16h00. The competition took off at 17h00. Top 25 bartenders in the world competed for glory and 10.000£ in cash for the lucky winner. The finals of Roadhouse are the one of the most exciting competitions to see in Europe for many reasons; one of them is that right from the beginning it surprises, leaving you screaming for more…
The level of Flair was absolutely indescribable!!!

The TOP25 qualified for the Finals:

Running Order

The Top 10 after Saturday’s Working Flair Eliminations were:

10th – David ‘Ginge’ Reynolds
9th – Antonio Mantelli
8th – Sylvain Glatiny
7th – Clinton Weir
6th – Luca Valentin
5th – Tom Dyer
4th – Danilo Oribe
3rd – Tomek Malek
2nd – Juan Pablo Santiago
1st – Marek Posluszny

And here is what everyone was waiting for…

The FINAL Standings:

1. Tomek Malek
2. Tom Dyer
3. Marek Posluszny
4. Danilo Oribe
5. Juan Pablo Santiago
6. Luca Valentine
7. Ginge
8. Antonio Mantelli
9. Alex Searle
10. Sylvain Glatigny
11. Clinton Wier
12. Ivars Rutkofskis
13. Bruno Vanzan
14. Gianluigi Bosco
15. Jesper Callisen
16. Marcin Cebula
17. Marco Strombulini
18. Eric Parker
19. Vahe Manoukian
20. Alexey Balashov
21. Pedro Garzy
22. Matt Flint
23. Sima
24. Roman Zapata
25. Manuel Wieser

Congratulations to all of the finalists, especially Tomek Malek which defended his title again and is the 1st bartender in history to win 3 consecutive Roadhouse Flair World Finals!

See you next year at the Roadhouse World Flair Finals…

Here you have some of the insider’s pictures of the finals…

The Crowd

Judges 1

Judges 2

Judges 3

Judges 4

Judges 5

Tom Dyer’s Dad

Alex Searle

Luca Valentin

Danilo Oribe

Bottle Check

Christian Delpech – Extra Contest Judge

3rd – Marek Posluszny

2nd – Tom Dyer

1st – Tomek Malek

Flair Factory

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One Response to Roadhouse World Flair Finals 2011

  1. Zander says:

    Even if Marek Posluszny got 3rd. I still think he is the best 😀

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