Independent Flair League 2011 Finals in Warsaw, Poland

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Incredible show – Flair bartenders in the capital of Poland!

Independent Flair League Grand Final – Poland’s unique league competition for Flair Bartenders under the patronage of: Captain Morgan, Smirnoff, Schweppes, Red Bull, Finest Call and Carlsberg. The competition is a part of Grand Slam of the World Flair Association – the biggest global cycle of bartending events.

On December 3, in a 1500m2 CLUB (Solec 18 Street) in Warsaw, we had the opportunity to admire the world’s best Flair bartenders. In the Open category we saw the winners of particular qualifying rounds, competitors with the best scores as well as international stars of world bartending. Among them there were competitors representing the UK, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain, Argentina, the USA and Poland. In the morning qualifying rounds there were 40 competitors including the top-rated Grand Slam bartenders, winners and laureates of the world’s biggest bartending events, such as: Tom Dyer, Rodrigo Delpech, Tomek Małek, Marek Posłuszny, Bruno Vanzan, Gianluigi Bosco, Danny Bakiev, Alex Searle and others. The best ten of them were promoted to the evening final.

The main task for the bartenders in the evening was to prepare two cocktails within 7 minutes (Moscow Mule with Smirnoff Vodka and Schweppes Ginger Ale and their own composition with the obligatory use of Captain Morgan and Schweppes), as well as to make an interesting presentation of Carlsberg beer and Red Bull.

The competitors were assessed by an international jury: Michał Kośnik from Evolutionbar (Poland), Cezary Broda from Carlsberg (Poland), Marcin Osypiński from Flair Academy (Poland) the WFA will be represented by Tug van den Bergh (Republic of South Africa) and Andy Collinson (UK). All cocktails were tasted by special guests from the show-business.

As always the IFL Grand Final is one of the most anticipated competitions on the Grand Slam due to it’s high level of flair and great production value that is put on by the IFL Team. This competition has never disappointed and I am sure that the 2011 edition will most definitely outdo the previous year’s – Tug van den Bergh, WFA Co-Owner, before the competition.

The IFL Grand Final is last competition on the WFA Grand Slam calendar and brings in the best flair bartenders from all over the world. The levels of productions executed on this event are second to none and goes to creating one of the best atmospheres seen at an international flair competition. Now into its 5th year it looks like the competition is going from strength to strength with the bartenders pulling out their brand new routines just for this final. If you are anywhere near Warsaw on the 3rd December then I suggest you make your way to the IFL Grand Final as it will be a night you surely do not want to miss. – Andy Collinson, WFA Co-Owner before the competition

The judges assesed the contenders in the scope of style, difficulty of evolutions, smoothness of tricks, showmanship, rhythm and composure. Penalty points were given for dropping, splitting and glass-breaking. Bonus points were given for a showy serve of Carlsberg beer and Schweppes. The winner of IFL Grand Final was awarded EUR 3 000, bonuses will be awarded to all first six positions. The prize for the best Polish contender is a contract during Euro 2012 awarded by Carlsberg Polska.

The event was hosted by Przemysław JahJah Frankowski from the Antyradio station and Tyson Davies, MC Roadhouse World Flair. Music will be provided by DJ Alexx Vargazzz.

The producer and organiser of the Independent Flair League is Entertainment Group – agency specialised in organising special events.

And here you you have the results of the Grand Final 2011:

1. Tom Dyer

2. Rodrigo Delpech

3. Marek Posluszny

4. Tomek Malek

5. Gianluigi Bosco

6. Marcin Cebula

7. Alex Searle

8. Alvaro Pagnanelli

9. Maciej Chojara

10. Danny Bakiev

11. Sabina Posch

Congratulations to the finalists and all the people who worked very hard to produce the competition and the finals!

See you next near…

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