Portugal Flair Open

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On the 17th of September yet another Flair Bartending in Portugal competition in 2012 took place – Portugal Flair Open, organised by ProgressBarEvents and supported by Cocktail Academy and World Flair Association.

It was held in Rocha da Palha Beach Bar in Armacao de Pera during a sunny day – a perfect setting for an event like this.

18 competitors from 10 countries competed for 1600€ in Cash Prizes and glory!



After the Eliminations Top 8 bartenders went through to the finals which were held later on that day.


After all day of hard flairing the winners were:

1. Ioo Flair (France) – 239,5 pts.

2. Jon Hole (Norway) – 181,5 pts.

3. Henrique Tomas (Portugal) – 156,5 pts.

4. Jono Firstbrook (Canada) – 155,5 pts.

5. Andre Guerreiro (Portugal) – 136,5 pts.

6. Nuno Curro (Portugal) – 133 pts.

7. Jumbles St Pierre (England) – 122,5 pts.

8. Pietro Monaco (Italy) – 92 pts.

Best Finest Call Stall – Ioo Flair

Best Rookie – Adam Andearsen

The competition was sponsored by Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixes, Licor Beirao, Havana Club and Malibu!

Congratulations to all the bartenders and everyone involved in the organisation proccess!

Here are a few pictures from the finals:






For more info please go to PortugalFlairOpen.com or ProgressBarEvents.com!

See you next year! 🙂

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