Titans World Open 2012

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One of the biggest flair bartending competitions this year took place in Moscow during the Moscow Bar Show (25-27 September 2012) which is the main event in Russia and CIS countries for bar professionals to share experience and to acknowledge new technologies in bar business.

Titans World Open 2012, organised by Bar Profi, sponsored by Kremlin Vodka, Ron Barcelo & Effect Energy Drink and supported by World Flair Association was one of the Grand Slam competitions organised in Europe this year.

The prize money reached 20,000$ which made TWO one of the best paid competitions around!


67 competitors from around the world were starting in the 2 round eliminations to get to the Top 10, which were going to show off their skills in the finals.

The Top 10 bartenders after Eliminations:

1. Denny Bakiev, Ukraine – 360,17 pts.
2. Tom Dyer, UK – 354,67 pts.
3. Marek Posluszny, Poland – 322,73 pts.
4. Alexander Shtifanov, Russia – 310,17 pts.
5. Sylvain Glatigny, France – 310,07 pts.
6. Tomek Malek, Poland – 308,60 pts.
7. Luca Valentin, Romania – 292,33 pts.
8. Ioo Flair, France – 291,60 pts.
9. Alexander Gostilovsky, Russia – 276,67 pts.
10. Slava Belykov, Russia – 271,40 pts.



After 3 days of hard flairing the FINAL STANDINGS were:

Winner – Tomek Malek, Poland – 249,60 pts.
2nd place – Tom Dyer, UK – 214,20 pts.
3rd place – Denny Bakiev, Ukraine – 209 pts.
4th place – Marek Posluszny, Poland – 207,40 pts.
5th place – Luca Valentin, Romania – 203,80 pts.
6th place – Alexander Shtifanov, Russia – 201,80 pts.
7th place – Ioo Flair, France – 200,60 pts.
8th place – Sylvain Glatigny, France – 190,60 pts.
9th place – Alexander Gostilovsky, Russia – 155,80 pts.
10th place – Slava Belykov, Russia – 153,80 pts.






Congratulations to the finalists and all the bartenders participating and a Huge Thank You to the organisation and the sponsors for creating such a special event!

For more info go to – http://mbs.pir.ru/

Hope to see you there next year!

The Bartending News Flash Team

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