The World’s Most Expensive Cocktail

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The Maestro himself, Salvatore Calabrese, is seeking to break the world record for the most expensive cocktail during London Cocktail Week. And we’ve got 40 places to offer to bartenders who want to witness this historic event.

Most ‘record-breaking’ cocktails have tended to come with some sort of gimmick – a diamond ring, say, but not Salvatore. He’s going to make his cocktail using some fantastically old spirits and liqueurs, and base its cost on its actual retail value.

He’s sourced a second bottle of 1788 cognac (after the first bottle was smashed) and he’ll be pairing it with Kummel from 1770, orange curaçao from 1860 and Angostura Bitters from 1900, and serve it in a glass from the early 1800s.

The current record is held by The Skyview Bar of Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai where the cocktail ‘27.321’ is priced at £3,766.52 a glass. Salvatore’s will be priced at £5,500.
This is set to be as historic an event as the liquids themselves and will be attended by all of Salvatore’s best bartender friends.

If you want to mingle with the industry’s finest and witness an amazing one-off event for yourself, then lucky you as we’ve got 40 tickets to this event at Salvatore’s Bar at Playboy Club, London, next Thursday 11th October at 14 Old Park Lane, Mayfair, London W1K 1ND at 11am. You may even get to taste this unique drink.

The Bartending News Flash Team

source: diffordsguide Digital CLASS Magazine

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