Cask Ales better than keg beer?

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Are Cask Ales better than keg beer that everyone is so used to? Many people never even tried an Ale poured straight from the cask. Giving customers try-before-you-buy samples is the key to selling cask ale, according to a new report. The annual Cask Report says that for customers who’d never tried real ale, 28% don’t know why and a further 11% ‘don’t know where to start’.

Report author Pete Brown said: ‘It’s a big ask to expect someone who doesn’t drink cask ale to choose from a line of pumps that mean nothing to them and spend £3-plus on a pint they might not like. A free taster removes the risk factor and starts a dialogue between drinker and bar staff.’

The Report showed that cask beer overtook keg as the most popular format for draught ale in the last year. CGA data in the report shows that 19% of cask ale is sold in city centre town circuit bars and 11% in independent food-led pubs.

The Bartending News Flash Team


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