We normally write about things strictly related to bartending but this time we have something a bit more fun for you. While surfing the net we found a website dedicated to games reviews whit a unique rating system… It is really worth checking out!

What is
They like to drink, they like to game and they like to have fun. They run a show called Steam Shots, that reviews the last 5 titles released on Steam. They use their booze based rating system to quickly round up all the titles released on steam in a short and easy to consume video that won’t bore you to tears. They also attend conventions and interview developers, fans, cosplayers and drunk idiots about all sorts of stuff.


How does the rating system work?

The rating system is very informal . You probably know what games you want to play, so we try to entertain and inform you with our videos, rather than try to change your opinion of a game. The ratings describe how drunk we someone has to be to finish a game. When a game does something wrong, they drink, so the more we drink, the more the game did wrong.

1. Sober – We hardly had to drink to play this game. This game is probably good.

2. Buzzed – We drank a bit but overall the game isn’t too bad. It has flaws, but worth playing.

3. Drunk – The game probably isn’t good. You might like it if you are a fan of the genre, but you might want to skip it.

4. Wasted – This is our lowest score, this means we didn’t find anything worth playing in this game and decided to drink until we passed out. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Didn’t you use to do skits?

Yes, we tried to produce a lot of comedy skits, but it appears we are not very good at it. We won’t stop making them however, but we mainly focus on the Steam Shots show and covering conventions. I enjoy making videos with my friends, so we might sneak a few in from time to time, but only when I feel really sure you won’t hate it.

I have a game coming out on Steam, can we bribe you to cover it?

You don’t need to bribe us! We will cover everything, but if you want to save us the trouble, please contact me and help us cover your game. It’s the least you can do, do you know how expensive booze is? We are also always interested in running contests on the show, so if you got some extra Steam keys (Gabe gives you guys like a million, so reach out!)

Who Works on this site? was created by Brian Lee Jones and run with the help of Alyssa Tucker and our professional bartender/actor Jason Levy. We also work with many friends to produce the videos, from editing , to writing, voice work, on screen talent and more. We are a group of gamers that think the most important thing in life is to have fun and party. We are always interested in meeting new people and look forward to hearing from others that like to enjoy life and live it up to the fullest! Needs Your Help!

Please share the videos, tell your friends, tell game companies when our videos helped you make a purchase, tell us when we do something good or bad. We need help growing and reaching more gamers and we think our show is strong enough to become a featured show on YouTube, but we need your help. We can’t afford advertising! Show the world you want quality programming about games, not just people babbling over videos or nerds screaming!

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