Summer 2013 Cocktail Trends

Summer just started and everyone is looking forward to a nice, refreshing cocktail.



Here are the Top 3 trends you’ll be seeing this summer in bars and restaurants around the country:
1) All Bubbles – Soda Machines are getting more and more common so naturally we’ll see more experimentation with carbonation, not only with waters but homemade sparkling wine based cocktails etc.

2) Beer Cocktails – from a Spicy Beer Cocktail with Hot Sauce to a simple Shandy. This summer you’ll see different kinds of beers (cider, stout and others) in cocktails so don’t be surprised with a few new choices on your favorite bar’s menu.
3) Cocktails from the tap – a weird new concept but many bars to ensure consistency and save labor will start using these. Plus – you’ll be able to get your cocktail much faster! Minus – your cocktail will not be prepared especially for you anymore!

Enjoy your summer and don’t forget to drink responsibly!

The Bartending News Flash Team

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