Beatbox Beverages – A brand new party drink based in Austin, Texas!


In 2011, BeatBox founder (and music lover) Justin Fenchel recognized an opportunity to serve the rapidly growing Millennial market. More than any previous generation, Millennials care about social experiences, feel connected to one other, and live for the moment. This emerging class of consumers also has unique and untapped needs when it comes to alcohol consumption.


This realization led to the creation of BeatBox Beverages TM. BeatBox is a category-bending product catered to Millennials through a high-energy brand, environmentally friendly packaging, and socially engaging features. BeatBox is ideal for party providers looking for an alcohol alternative that is economical, convenient, sharable, and fun.



BeatBox has built strong partnerships with premiere beverage development company Flavorman, Inc., leading bag-in-box packaging company Scholle, and legal and consulting firm Lehrman Beverage Law. With all the pieces in place, BeatBox is ready to infuse new life into the ready-to-drink alcohol beverage marketplace.


Here’s to Mixin’ it Up.

You can visit the BeatBox Beverages Facebook Page HERE!

You can also visit their Official Website!

Enjoy your BeatBox Beverages but don’t forget to drinks responsibly and don’t text and drive!


The Bartending News Flash Team

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