How to Make Wine

How to Make Wine

How to Make Wine


How to Make Wine – an Introduction: Wine Making is much more than the process itself; nowadays it is treated by many as a form of art. Many people are willing to pay a considerable amount of money for the best quality wines. Today, no one remembers that some years ago almost all wines were made at home. If you know how to make wine at home, not only can you take pride in your different creations but also save some money in the process.

If you decided to learn how to make wine, you have to be aware that there is so much information to comprehend, it can become overwhelming at times. Some treat the whole practice as a complex scientific process. There’s certainly science behind wine making but in reality it is not as complicated as it might seem at times. After a few attempts, you’ll discover that the whole process is quite simple and very enjoyable.

Once you’ll learn how to make wine, you will be able to take virtually any recipe and start experimenting with it using different ingredients, according to the taste you are going for. The majority of wines are made with grapes. The reason for that is because grapes are perhaps the easiest base ingredient to use to make wine. They already contain a high percentage of the natural sugars and yeast which are essential to produce wine. Of course it doesn’t mean you can’tget creative and use other fruits and combination of ingredients you wish.

One of the simpler recipes to try when you are only learning how to make wine uses a few gallons of grape juice. You can use anything between one and ten gallons of grape juice, depending on how much wine you want to make. To start, place a closed container someplace out of the sun at a fairly constant room temperature. To start the fermentation process, leave it there for at least four weeks. The next step is to open the container without stirring or shaking it, and take off the contents on top. The sediment should remain in the container and after you pour the liquid into another one, throw this one away.

That’s it! You’ve just learnt how to make wine. Of course this is a simplified process, just to show you how the whole idea works. If you want to make your first wine even better now, you can bottle them and close the bottles with real cork.

So as you can see, the basic recipe for wine is uncomplicated. If you want to use real fruit, you’ll have to extract the juices from by pressing, soaking, or crushing them. The next step is to add sugars, spices, and yeast and put everything into a container. It should be stored covered, at a room temperature for at least one week for the fermentation to start. After that time, you’ll have to strain the liquid (to separate it from the fruit pieces) and put it in a tightly-closed container. This batch of liquid should ferment for a few weeks (a maximum of two months) and after that it should be strained again. The fermentation process should be repeated one more time.

In total, at least three of these processes should be carried out, until the wine will have a clear appearance (if not, extra fermentation is needed). After this is achieved, you can now bottle your homemade wine. If you don’t really like the taste of the wine yet, you can put the bottles away to “age” for a few months. After you’ll taste the wine again, it should be considerably better. After you’ll master this simple process, you can start easily creating your own recipes and original flavors.

Happy Wine Making :)

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