How to Make Wine

How to Make Wine

How to Make Wine


How to Make Wine – an Introduction: Wine Making is much more than the process itself; nowadays it is treated by many as a form of art. Many people are willing to pay a considerable amount of money for the best quality wines. Today, no one remembers that some years ago almost all wines were made at home. If you know how to make wine at home, not only can you take pride in your different creations but also save some money in the process.

If you decided to learn how to make wine, you have to be aware that there is so much information to comprehend, it can become overwhelming at times. Some treat the whole practice as a complex scientific process. There’s certainly science behind wine making but in reality it is not as complicated as it might seem at times. After a few attempts, you’ll discover that the whole process is quite simple and very enjoyable.

Once you’ll learn how to make wine, you will be able to take virtually any recipe and start experimenting with it using different ingredients, according to the taste you are going for. The majority of wines are made with grapes. The reason for that is because grapes are perhaps the easiest base ingredient to use to make wine. They already contain a high percentage of the natural sugars and yeast which are essential to produce wine. Of course it doesn’t mean you can’tget creative and use other fruits and combination of ingredients you wish.

One of the simpler recipes to try when you are only learning how to make wine uses a few gallons of grape juice. You can use anything between one and ten gallons of grape juice, depending on how much wine you want to make. To start, place a closed container someplace out of the sun at a fairly constant room temperature. To start the fermentation process, leave it there for at least four weeks. The next step is to open the container without stirring or shaking it, and take off the contents on top. The sediment should remain in the container and after you pour the liquid into another one, throw this one away.

That’s it! You’ve just learnt how to make wine. Of course this is a simplified process, just to show you how the whole idea works. If you want to make your first wine even better now, you can bottle them and close the bottles with real cork.

So as you can see, the basic recipe for wine is uncomplicated. If you want to use real fruit, you’ll have to extract the juices from by pressing, soaking, or crushing them. The next step is to add sugars, spices, and yeast and put everything into a container. It should be stored covered, at a room temperature for at least one week for the fermentation to start. After that time, you’ll have to strain the liquid (to separate it from the fruit pieces) and put it in a tightly-closed container. This batch of liquid should ferment for a few weeks (a maximum of two months) and after that it should be strained again. The fermentation process should be repeated one more time.

In total, at least three of these processes should be carried out, until the wine will have a clear appearance (if not, extra fermentation is needed). After this is achieved, you can now bottle your homemade wine. If you don’t really like the taste of the wine yet, you can put the bottles away to “age” for a few months. After you’ll taste the wine again, it should be considerably better. After you’ll master this simple process, you can start easily creating your own recipes and original flavors.

Happy Wine Making :)

The original article can be found here!

The Bartending News Flash Team

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Wedding Bar Essentials

Wedding Bar Essentials


A Wedding Bar set up is similar to any other occasion but there are certain things you simply can’t forget about.The Wedding Day is very special in many different ways and when thinking about setting up the bar, there is certainly a lot of inspiration around.


Here are a few wedding bar essentials to remember about:

Champagne – a Wedding is a unique and special event and Champagne is absolutely a must have!
Personalized Cocktails – not only can you serve cocktails with colors corresponding to the wedding theme but also create unique recepies and name them after the Bride and Groom…
A Bar – it looks much fancier than a simple table with a white cloth which you probably saw on 80% of the weddings you went to.
Ice – another essential thing, not only for cocktails but also for digestive drinks!
Cocktail Glasses – you’ll need not only the right glasses in the right amount but also plastic cocktail glasses if you are planning a garden party!
Souvenirs – a small bottle of liqueur or whisky for the guests will be definitely something they’ll remember. You can take this idea to the next level and prepare a custom bottled cocktail instead.

Enjoy 🙂

The Bartending News Flash Team

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Wedding Cocktails

Wedding Cocktails


A Wedding is a very unique and important event in anyone’s life. Most people plan it for months or even years! Everything has to be perfect and choosing the right cocktails is no different!

Here are a few Wedding Cocktails recipes for you to get inspired!

Diamond Martini – a classic Martini with a Sparkling twist!
Blushing Bride – Champagne with Raspberry and Blackberry puree
Busy Groom – a flavored Martini with a hint of rose petals
Wedding Cake – a unique mix of Amaretto, Strawberries and Vanilla Ice Cream

Enjoy your Wedding Cocktails but not Too much, remember to keep your posture… It’s a Wedding!
Cheers 🙂

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Algarve Flair Challenge 4

Algarve Flair Challenge 4


Algarve Flair Challenge 4 by ProgressBarEvents took place on the 8th of September 2013 @ Fortaleza Cafe, Armaçao de Pera, Algarve, Portugal. 

Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixes was the Main Sponsor of the competition with the support of Bols and Red Bull.

14 competitors from 7 different countries showed up and battled for 1200€ in Cash Prizes!

After the Eliminations round and the Finals in the evening Mikey Holes took 500€ home together with the title of Algarve Flair Challenge 4 Champion.

The competition wouldn’t be possible without the sponsors – Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixes, Bols and Red Bull!

See you next year at Algarve Flair Challenge 5!

For more info, pictures and standings please visit  

The Bartending News Flash Team

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Summer Cocktails under 200 calories


Summer is in its full and you are feeling like a cocktail… Maybe you don’t realize but some of the cocktails can be even 700 calories or more! If you want to look good at the beach you should avoid those…

Here are the Top 5 Summer Cocktails Under 200 calories for 2013:
1) Blueberry Margarita – antioxidant-rich blueberries and around half the calories of a typical frozen Margarita!

2) Watermelon Gin fizz – a pretty pink cocktail would be perfect for a bridal shower luncheon. Any leftover pureed juice is refreshing on its own!
3) Camperi & Grapefruit’n’Pomegranate – balance Campari, an herb-infused variety of bitters, with the sweet-tart flavors of pomegranate and grapefruit.
4) Strawberry’n’Coconut Daiquiri – you’ll feel like you’re on a tropical getaway with this refreshing cocktail.
5) Shrimp Bloody Mary – this bright, vitamin-packed cocktail is eye-opening whether or not it’s spiked with vodka.

Have fun this summer, enjoy your cocktails and don’t forget not to text and drive!

The Bartending News Flash Team

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Beatbox Beverages – A brand new party drink based in Austin, Texas!


In 2011, BeatBox founder (and music lover) Justin Fenchel recognized an opportunity to serve the rapidly growing Millennial market. More than any previous generation, Millennials care about social experiences, feel connected to one other, and live for the moment. This emerging class of consumers also has unique and untapped needs when it comes to alcohol consumption.


This realization led to the creation of BeatBox Beverages TM. BeatBox is a category-bending product catered to Millennials through a high-energy brand, environmentally friendly packaging, and socially engaging features. BeatBox is ideal for party providers looking for an alcohol alternative that is economical, convenient, sharable, and fun.



BeatBox has built strong partnerships with premiere beverage development company Flavorman, Inc., leading bag-in-box packaging company Scholle, and legal and consulting firm Lehrman Beverage Law. With all the pieces in place, BeatBox is ready to infuse new life into the ready-to-drink alcohol beverage marketplace.


Here’s to Mixin’ it Up.

You can visit the BeatBox Beverages Facebook Page HERE!

You can also visit their Official Website!

Enjoy your BeatBox Beverages but don’t forget to drinks responsibly and don’t text and drive!


The Bartending News Flash Team

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Summer 2013 Cocktail Trends

Summer just started and everyone is looking forward to a nice, refreshing cocktail.



Here are the Top 3 trends you’ll be seeing this summer in bars and restaurants around the country:
1) All Bubbles – Soda Machines are getting more and more common so naturally we’ll see more experimentation with carbonation, not only with waters but homemade sparkling wine based cocktails etc.

2) Beer Cocktails – from a Spicy Beer Cocktail with Hot Sauce to a simple Shandy. This summer you’ll see different kinds of beers (cider, stout and others) in cocktails so don’t be surprised with a few new choices on your favorite bar’s menu.
3) Cocktails from the tap – a weird new concept but many bars to ensure consistency and save labor will start using these. Plus – you’ll be able to get your cocktail much faster! Minus – your cocktail will not be prepared especially for you anymore!

Enjoy your summer and don’t forget to drink responsibly!

The Bartending News Flash Team

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We normally write about things strictly related to bartending but this time we have something a bit more fun for you. While surfing the net we found a website dedicated to games reviews whit a unique rating system… It is really worth checking out!

What is
They like to drink, they like to game and they like to have fun. They run a show called Steam Shots, that reviews the last 5 titles released on Steam. They use their booze based rating system to quickly round up all the titles released on steam in a short and easy to consume video that won’t bore you to tears. They also attend conventions and interview developers, fans, cosplayers and drunk idiots about all sorts of stuff.


How does the rating system work?

The rating system is very informal . You probably know what games you want to play, so we try to entertain and inform you with our videos, rather than try to change your opinion of a game. The ratings describe how drunk we someone has to be to finish a game. When a game does something wrong, they drink, so the more we drink, the more the game did wrong.

1. Sober – We hardly had to drink to play this game. This game is probably good.

2. Buzzed – We drank a bit but overall the game isn’t too bad. It has flaws, but worth playing.

3. Drunk – The game probably isn’t good. You might like it if you are a fan of the genre, but you might want to skip it.

4. Wasted – This is our lowest score, this means we didn’t find anything worth playing in this game and decided to drink until we passed out. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Didn’t you use to do skits?

Yes, we tried to produce a lot of comedy skits, but it appears we are not very good at it. We won’t stop making them however, but we mainly focus on the Steam Shots show and covering conventions. I enjoy making videos with my friends, so we might sneak a few in from time to time, but only when I feel really sure you won’t hate it.

I have a game coming out on Steam, can we bribe you to cover it?

You don’t need to bribe us! We will cover everything, but if you want to save us the trouble, please contact me and help us cover your game. It’s the least you can do, do you know how expensive booze is? We are also always interested in running contests on the show, so if you got some extra Steam keys (Gabe gives you guys like a million, so reach out!)

Who Works on this site? was created by Brian Lee Jones and run with the help of Alyssa Tucker and our professional bartender/actor Jason Levy. We also work with many friends to produce the videos, from editing , to writing, voice work, on screen talent and more. We are a group of gamers that think the most important thing in life is to have fun and party. We are always interested in meeting new people and look forward to hearing from others that like to enjoy life and live it up to the fullest! Needs Your Help!

Please share the videos, tell your friends, tell game companies when our videos helped you make a purchase, tell us when we do something good or bad. We need help growing and reaching more gamers and we think our show is strong enough to become a featured show on YouTube, but we need your help. We can’t afford advertising! Show the world you want quality programming about games, not just people babbling over videos or nerds screaming!

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UB Free – Wine Preservative Neutraliser

Many people suffer after drinking wine and no one really realizes why. The answer is simple –  95% of wines contain sulphites (SO2) which can cause allergy-like symptoms such as rashes, headaches, restricted breath and IBS.

Free (added) Sulphur Dioxide CAN and DOES cause allergic like reactions in all types of people. Often people will say “I just cant handle wine the same as I used to”. Sulphites are a preservative designed to lock oxygen out of the wine to keep it in a pristine condition.  The problem begins when we then consume the sulphites and our bodies inability to digest them.

The body’s natural defence system combats these sulphites in a variety of ways, one of which is to release histamines and, as in most allergic reactions, it is the histamines that can cause allergic like symptoms – not the sulphites themselves.

Symptoms of sulphite ingestion can vary dramatically from person to person, although the most common is headaches, hot flushes, rashes, sickness and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  More acute symptoms are tightening of the skin, the restriction of breathing and closing of the throat and lungs.

Did you know that people who suffer from asthma are more susceptible to allergic reactions due to sulphites in wine.

UBfree reduces sulphites in wine to relieve headaches and allergy symptoms. It is fast-acting, odourless and tasteless.
UBfree’s patent-pending formula actually oxidises the wine, effectively giving it a shot of pure oxygen that neutralises the free sulphites. Furthermore, our unique blended formula also assists in reducing harmful effects that alcohol has on the liver. Read the UBfree Story to learn more about our research and technology.

There are differences in preservative levels between red and white wines. Did you know that some red wines have 70% less preservative than some white wines? This is why UBfree comes in 2 unique formulas; white and red.

UBfree is 100% naturally organic and meets the Food Safety Regulations for New Zealand and Australia.

If you’d like to learn more about UBfree please visit their website – , you’ll find all the answers to your questions there.


In review – a revolutionary product which will take away your headache – literally 🙂 . We strongly recommend it!

The Bartending News Flash Team

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The Secret to Long Life is…Booze?!

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